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The Throat Strike


The self-defense technique you are about to learn can kill.  The first self-defense technique is a strike called: "The chisel fist." The second is an open hand strike to the throat, and the third self-defense technique involves the use of a natural weapon. You are going to learn three ways to crush an attacker’s windpipe. You will also have the chance to learn CPR.

First, let’s do a little experiment, so you know exactly where to strike your attacker’s throat.

Discovering the hurt spot experiment

With your pointer finger and your middle finger, feel around on your neck/ throat area. Find a hard notch-like lump. It should be around the middle of your throat.

Got it? Good!

Slide your fingers up towards your chin about 5 to 10mm or half an inch. You will notice that the notch goes down into a kind of valley or trench.

Very slowly and carefully, push your fingers into the trench. If you’ve got the right spot (the hurt spot), your airway will close and you won’t be able to breathe. While you are there, try pushing in other areas. You will notice that nowhere else blocks your airway as well as the place described above.

You now know where the hurt spot is for performing the following self-defense technique. Please note, however, that you don’t really need to be THAT accurate with your strikes, but knowing and hitting the exact spot will help you to be more effective.

Self-Defense Technique #1 The chisel fist

The positioning of your hand to form the chisel fist is much the same as the standard fist formation. The only difference is, at the knuckles. The bones that make up the knuckles are kept straight. But, your fingers are closed and your thumb is tucked in hard against your pointer finger.

Take a look at the following site. Scroll down the page until you read the words: "CHISEL FIST"

Have a close look at the picture of the chisel fist. Note the finger and thumb positions. While you are there, you may find the rest of that page to be of interest. Click on the link below and read the page from top to bottom… you will learn something new:

Chisel fist to the throat

The strike to the throat self-defense technique is basically a punch to the throat.

1.        If possible, grab your attacker by the scruff-of-his-neck (upper shirt). While at the same time, get comfortable - solid and stable - on your feet by stepping back with the opposite side foot to the hand that you grab your attacker with.

2.        Next, or really at the same time, bring your chisel fist up to the side of your chest, and inline with your peck (nipple or breast). Your elbow should be sticking out behind you.

3.        Finally, stiffen your chisel fist and strike out at your attacker’s throat. Aim for the hurt spot that we looked at earlier (above).

The idea behind grabbing him by his shirt is to keep him still. If he does move, holding his shirt will help you to keep up with him. To a certain extent, you will move with him, which will help you to keep your target in sight.

The self-defense technique is described slowly here, but it MUST be done quickly and all at once to both, surprise him, and succeed:

Grab, step back, chisel fist to your side, and strike.

Self-Defense Technique #2 Open Hand Strike

The open hand strike to the throat is more suitable for striking from either side of your attacker, as opposed to a front on strike. As the name suggests, this self-defense technique is done with an open hand.

Have you ever played tennis? Imagine that you are playing tennis, the ball is on its way to you. You are right handed; the ball is approaching on your right side and at head height. You will naturally go for a forehand hit.

The open hand strike to the throat uses the same technique, as the above tennis shot. The ONLY difference - apart from there being no tennis racket - is, instead of the front of the hand moving towards the ball (throat), you will be leading with the little finger side of your hand.

Aim to connect with the part of the hand where the little finger meets the hand (the outside side of the knuckle).

Self-Defense Technique #3 Pen strike to the throat

This self-defense technique is really very simple, as you will soon see.

Looking around me now, I see several natural weapons that could easily take the place of the humble pen e.g. books, pens, calculator, CD covers, glass, stapler, and even my beloved external modem.

Let’s use a pen for the sake of the exercise, but try to remember that anything reasonably thin and smallish can be used.

Instead of forming a fist, firmly place your pen (or other) in your hand and just follow the steps (above) for the "Chisel fist to the throat" technique.

If you plan on using any of these self-defense techniques, I highly recommend that you take a look at the following site. There, you will learn how to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Do it now! It won’t take long to learn and it could keep you out of jail


As you have proved to yourself by doing the "Discovering the hurt spot experiment," the throat is a very weak and easy area to strike. It should be used only as a last option. For example, if all else fails and you have come to realize that if you don’t do something, and fast, you won’t be doing anything ever again – you’ll be dead! The other time to use the chisel fist is when you are being attacked by more than one person, and their intentions are clear – kill you.

A special thanks to Self-Defense Now for allowing us to use the above article! The Self-Defense Now website has all kinds of practical tips and techniques on self-defense. The Self-Defense Now website can be found by following this link: