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Never Stop Thinking...



Understand where your best chance at defending yourself will come from. Learn one of the most important things about defending yourself.

All the weapons in the world, or nuclear bombs for that matter, won't help in the least, if you stop thinkingÖ right?

However, if someone sneaks up on you from behind and knocks you out. Or, was to shoot you in the foot (or wherever), then obviously the game is over. In this case you will have no warning, and nothing you learn here, or anywhere else, will help you.

All this new self-defense information you are taking in, can only be of value if you stay alert. Look at it like a virus detector for your computer. Constantly in the background scanning for bugs (dangerous and difficult situations).

An attacker will rely on you to panic, lose control, and give in.

There's an old boxing saying that goes something like this:


This is very true and it is also your BIGGEST obstacle. Thinking while you are fighting - being attacked - isn't something you can practice.

You need to remain calm, fully alert, and think clearly in a dangerous situation. Donít stop thinking, donít freeze up, and donít give in. If you do, you will help no-one but the attacker. You must understand this part of this self-defense information section, here at SDN!

Understand that your best chance will NOT come from your ability to break eight roof tiles with your head. No, your best chance will come from your ability to stay calm, stay alert, and keep thinking.

Only then, can you make effective decisions that can bring about a favorable conclusion. Only then, can you find the mental, and or physical strength to effectively stop your attacker. Only then, can you use the practical tricks, tips, and techniques in the "self-defense techniques" section of this website.

Help yourself, not your attacker!


All the weapons in the world won't help if you stop thinking. You must stay alert, donít panic, donít lose control, and donít give in. Remember that a good fighter is a thinking fighter. Your best chance will come from your ability to keep calm and keep thinking. Use the information in this website to increase your awareness and your options.  If you are attacked, keep thinking.

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