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Rely On Yourself

Self Defense:       RELY ON YOURSELF

Why you canít expect people to help you if you are attacked. Learn why you have got to rely on yourself.

Most, but not all people seem to follow this philosophy: "Look out for number one." They are either too scared to help you or they donít want to get involved.

People are often too scared to help a fellow human being who is in trouble, and they usually have any number of excusesÖ they donít want to get involved! Gone are the days when if your car broke down, for example, every person who came along the road would stop to see if they could help. These days, helping someone in trouble could be expensive.

People know that if they witness an illegal activity, and say so to the appropriate authorities, their act of goodwill could cost them their whole way of life. They could be put in a witness protection program and to be a witness could even cost them their life. People would rather not help.

If, or more likely when, in this day and age, you are attacked, don't think for a second that some savior will come along and save the day. This may happen, but don't bet your life on it. Rely on yourself!

You must rely on yourself to get out of a difficult or dangerous situation. Always try to talk your way out of it first. Thatís the best technique you can apply by far, because no-one gets hurt. Failing thatÖ fight back the best way you can, and then run.

The information on this website will start you on a journey. During your journey, you will become more aware of what is happening around you. You will gather valuable information and self-defense techniques that will give you options. With awareness and options, you will be able to rely on yourself.

So, in short: people don't want to get involved. To be a witness could be very costly. You must rely on yourself. Always try to talk your way out of it first, and if you have to fight, hit and run. Learn to be more aware, increase your options, and you can rely on yourself.

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