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You are about to learn two variations of the standard head butt. The side swing and the backward head butt. You will also pick up a few tips and tricks. The side swing head butt

1.        Keep your head and upper body stiff, lean forward from the waist and to one side of your attacker.

2.        Aim for the side of his nose or at least the face. Not the mouth, it's full of teeth that cut.

3.        Swing across side swiping his nose.

4.        Contact using your forehead about two-inches or 50mm up from the outside edge of your eye.

If your attacker is behind you, and maybe with his arms around your upper body, use…

The backward head butt

1.        First, bend your neck - tilt your head forward and down.

2.        Don’t take aim, because you don't need to. His nose should be about four-inches from the back of your head.

3.        Swing your head back, hard and fast, into his face.

Remember… for this to work, your attacker must have you in a bear hug, or at least be very close to you, so you can tell, without looking, where to strike, and…

Again, clench your teeth and keep your mouth shut. If something goes wrong and you take a hit to the mouth, you will cut your lips and/or chip or break some of your teeth. If while doing the side swing head butt, you take a hit on the side of your jaw, your jaw could easily break… so, shut up!

Important points to remember:

·         The head butt can be used on a sensitive area (the nose or jaw).

·         If it's carried out incorrectly, it will hurt you more than it will your attacker.

·         The face has delicate bones that tend to break if hit the right way.

·         Be careful not to hit a hard part (forehead or the top of his head).

·         Clench your teeth and keep your mouth closed.

·         You should use your whole body weight and bend at the middle of your back as well.

·         Keep your eyes on your attacker.

·         The head butt techniques and the element of surprise must go together.


As I said at the end of the standard head butt article… In my opinion, the head butt should be one of the LAST techniques on your options list for self-defense. Why? Because it is so well-known (like the front kick to the groin) that an attacker will most likely expect it from you, and be ready for it. If you get the chance to use this technique, be sure to use it with the element of surprise.

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