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Control An Attacker

How to Control an Attacker

Have anyone, with hair, do anything you want. What you can expect your attacker to do if you grab him by his hair. The most important thing you should do, and a link to a good article called: "Hair and Self-Defense."

The hair grip is pretty simple to master, and to a large extent, once you have a grip on an attacker’s hair, he will be under your control. So that you know the effects of this self-defense technique, do the following exercise:

The hair grip test

1.        Spread your fingers right apart on your strongest hand.

2.        Put your fingers flat on your forehead, and your hand in front of your face.

3.        Slide your fingers up into your hair like a comb; stop when your fingers are full of hair. Your palm should be still over your forehead.

4.        Grip your hair quickly and tightly - close your hand.

5.        Finally (if you do this to an attacker), and most importantly… keep your distance.

What was your experience? Did your eyes open wide in surprise, did your jaw drop, and did you breathe in?

If you did it right, and squeezed quickly and tightly, the above would have been your experience. It was for me the first time I did it, anyway. The tighter you squeeze, the more of a terror it is to your attacker. While you are gripping your hair, notice that it takes very little effort to move your head around.

In real life

If you grab your attacker’s hair, you should be ready for him to grab your arm, wrist, or fingers. It will be an automatic reaction to go to the source of the hurt and try to stop it - break the grip. If he can’t break your grip, he may try to grab or hit a part of you - any part. His plan will be to share his pain with you; so keep away from him… keep your distance!

Step five in the hair grip test (above) was: "Finally, and most importantly… keep your distance." The hair grip should be used with one or more strike techniques. When you use a technique, then follow it with another, it is called a combination.

The hair grip technique should be used as the first part of a "combination" of two or more techniques. Combinations are outside the boundaries of this topic. At this stage, it is only important to understand that by using this technique, you can get a good grip on an attacker, and on the situation.

You will have a lot of control over the position of his head, which can be very useful for striking. Learn, and then follow through with one or more strike techniques, then run like mad.

A wise man once said: "He who hits and runs away, lives to fight another day."


The hair grip is pretty simple to master... just remember to keep your distance. Use it to control an attacker, and follow through with one or more strike techniques. As soon as you get the chance… run away, and live to hopefully not have to fight another day!

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