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Be Safe In Your Car


I’m going to tell you a story, give you a simple way of reminding yourself to practise safe driving, and take you a little further down the road to an attack resistant you.

A story about a man, his car, and his briefcase

I have a friend, who was in his car at a set of traffic lights. He noticed, while looking in his rear view mirror, a young man walking between the two rows of waiting cars.

Suddenly, the passenger side door of his car flung open and his briefcase, sitting on the passenger seat, disappeared. This enterprising young person had created a new business - stealing valuables from car seats.

In theory, by the time you take your seat belt off, put the hand brake on, open the door, jump out and chase after your runaway item, it will be long gone.

In this case however, my friend apparently caught up with his briefcase, snatched it back, and returned to his car. The lights had changed to green and people were impatiently waiting for his return.

The briefcase snatcher knew that in newer cars, all the doors automatically open when the button on the key is pushed. The doors normally stay unlocked until the button is pushed again when the car is locked and left.

Does your car have one of those buttons for "keyless entry?" If it does, do you lock your doors when you are driving? The following is an easy way to remember to lock up…

How to remember to lock your car

To avoid any unexpected surprises, these days it’s wise to drive around with your car doors locked. Make it a habit day and night. The following is a simple technique you can use that will remind you to lock yourself in your car:

Simply put a small notice on the dashboard of your car that says something like: "LOCK UP!" Put it below the speedometer, so it is easy to see when you first get into your car.

Now, whenever you get into your car, you'll see the note. In time, you will be in with the doors locked before you see the note. When locking the doors becomes automatic, the notice can be removed.

The "lock up" notice is just one more simple technique you've learned here at Self-Defense Now, AND with little effort.


You will find that all the techniques you are learning, no matter how simple they seem to be, will soon add up to an attack resistant YOU. There are people out there who will take things out of your car even if you are in it. There are also people who will take your car with you in it if need be. Reminding yourself to lock yourself in your car, will make things difficult for a thief OR attacker… so write your notice now!

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