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Hear Hubbard Township Police...
Live on the Internet !!!

Hubbard Twp PD was recently added to the Infinity Online - Real Audio™ scanner! By clicking the scanner below you will be able to monitor Hubbard Twp PD in real time along with many other Trumbull & Mercer County Public Safety agencies...

To be able to listen live you must have Windows Media Player.

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Click on the scanner to begin your adventure

The following are the unit assignments you will hear...
This will assist you in knowing what department you are listening to...

Unit Numbers Department
2100s (2120,2124, etc.) = Hubbard Twp Police
100s (101,110, etc.) = Sharon Police
200s (201,203,etc.) = SW Regional Police
300s (303,301, etc.) = Hermitage Police
400s (420,426, etc.) = Howland Police
600s (620,624, etc.) = Cortland Police
2300s (2322, 2325, etc.) = Hartford Police
1700s (1721, 1701, etc.) = Vienna Police
1800s (1824, 1840, etc.) = Fowler Police
2200s (2220, 2224 etc.) = Brookfield Twp Police
500s (521, 522 etc.) = Hubbard City Police
Station 18 (medic 18, engine 18, etc.) = Brookfield Fire

More agencies will be added to the above list soon



This service is brought to you curtesy of Infinity Online, Inc.
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