Road Rage...


"Road Rage" is a growing problem all over the country and no one is immune from it. It is simply an incident in which one driver does something that sets off another one and makes them angry. Doesn't take much, does it? Anyone who spends any time at all on the road has and will continue to experience some form of Road Rage. Thankfully, not the type that ends up with someone shot or in the hospital. Usually, it is simply someone else's behavior causing us to mutter something under our breath (or louder) and that is the end of it.

Here are some basic driving tips that can help to prevent you from being the target of someone else's rage. They will also make you a very good driver if you consistently exercise them every time you hit the road.


Some Tips on avoiding Aggressive Driving

Use Public Transportation

DO NOT TAILGATE other drivers

Drive the posted speed limit.

Use your turn signal when turning.

Do not use obscene gestures they can get you into some trouble.

Remember everyone has to be somewhere.

Give your self plenty of time to get where your going.

Don't drive mad.

Do not cut other drivers off.

If you are confronted with an aggressive driver.

Avoid eye contact with the driver.

Ignore their obscene gestures.

Move into another lane and let them pass.

Do not slow down to annoy the driver more.

Remain calm and controlled.

Do not follow them after they get by you.