New Residents to Ohio...


New To Ohio
If you’re new to Ohio, you may not have thought about it yet, but you’re going to need a new driver license, license plates and an Ohio title for your car.  Once you are an Ohio resident, you need to become an official Ohio driver as soon as possible.

You are considered an Ohio resident once you:

• Take a job

• Sign a lease

• Buy a home

• Register to vote

• Enroll children in school

How to Get a Driver License

You first need to get the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws. This booklet is available from the Ohio Department of Public Safety by calling (614) 466-4344, at local driver license agencies or on-line at Look online at to find the Deputy Registrar near you.

Everything you need to prepare for an Ohio driver license test is in the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws. After you’ve studied the materials, you’re ready to take the test. Go to any State Highway Patrol Examination Station for a written test and vision screening. The list of locations is in the back of the digest. No appointment is necessary, but be sure to check which days and hours the station is open.

The driving test is usually waived for new residents who have a valid out-of-state license. The examiner may require testing for someone who may need a license restriction.


New Residents Under 18

Before you can become licensed in Ohio, you must provide proof of six months prior driving experience. You must complete an affidavit that documents 50 hours of driving, of which 10 hours were at night. You must also show proof of meeting Ohio’s Driver Education requirements.

 In addition, you must have a cosigner (parent or legal guardian) and present proof of completion of a driver education course that meets or exceeds Ohio’s requirements. To determine if your driver education course will qualify, visit an Ohio State Highway Patrol Driver Examination Station with your current driver license and original driver training certificate of completion.If it is determined that the driver training you completed meets Ohio requirements, you will be permitted to complete testing for your license. Your original documents will be returned to you. Upon successful completion of testing, the examiner will issue you a customer key number. You must take the customer key number to a license agency along with your out-of-state driver license, proof of residence in Ohio and proof of legal presence in the US. Acceptable documents can be viewed on our website at You will be required to purchase a Temporary Instructional Permit ID Card (TIPIC). The staff at the license agency will ask you to surrender your out-of-state license, and they will issue your Ohio driver license, usually at a cost of $24.

If you are a first-time driver or your previous driver license has expired, you’ll have to purchase a Temporary Instructional Permit ID Card (TIPIC) from a license agency. Proof of Social Security number and a certified birth certificate are required for this packet.

Title, Registration and License Plates

If you own a vehicle, you will need to have it inspected. The purpose is to avoid registration of stolen vehicles. A vehicle can be inspected at all license agencies, some County Clerk of Courts offices, as well as many car dealerships. If going to a licensed Ohio dealership, please call ahead and ask for the service department. The inspection of your vehicle will verify the make, model, body type and manufacturer’s serial number or vehicle identification number. You will be given the completed inspection form. This takes about five minutes. There is a $3.50 fee to the dealer or license agency and a $1.50 fee to be collected at your next stop, the auto title office.


Next, follow this checklist:

3 Go to any county’s Clerk of Courts Office, to the auto title office. Find the location in the county government section of your phone book, under

“Clerk of Courts, Auto Title Department,” or visit under Branch Office Locations, Title Offices.