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The main objective of the Hubbard Township Police Department’s KOPS AND KIDS Program is to have police officers interact with the youth of our community showing them that we are their friends, and not their enemies. With KOPS AND KIDS we have initiated numerous programs involving our officers and the youth of the Hubbard community. Trips to various professional-sporting events has been the most popular of our projects, however we have shown great success in all of our projects overall.


Building a solid foundation with the youth leads to a safer community!




With the help of the Cleveland Lumberjacks hockey team, officers from our department escorted 13 Hubbard students to a recent hockey game at the Gund arena in Cleveland.

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Thanks to the assistance of the Pittsburgh Pirates our Kops & Kids program is now adding Pirates baseball to list of annual programs.

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Thanks to the annual help of Key Bank and the Cleveland Indians, our Kops & Kids program has made many trips with Hubbard youth to see quite a few great games at Jacobs Field.







Officer Dominick Guarino and Hubbard City Officer Jerry Smith ride the rapid transit in Cleveland on their way to a Lumberjacks hockey game.

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(L to R Smith, Guarino)

In 1999 Kops & Kids worked hand in hand with various organizations within our community.  Along with the Hubbard Boys Basketball 6th Man Association we visited a working dairy farm, and with the Hubbard Little Eagles football teams we attended a historic day in the history of Cleveland, Ohio.

6th Man Association      Little Eagles