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Officer Greg Tarr helps these three Hubbard youth display the spoils of a hard day's work.
(L to R Jesse Riggleman, Robbie Demello, Officer Greg Tarr and Brandon Boyles)

Following the guidelines of the Ohio Department of Wildlife, our GET HOOKED ON FISHING NOT ON DRUGS Program has been created. This program is designed with 10 weeks of classroom experiences taught by local police officers; outside speakers are brought in to talk to the youth. The classes teach the laws and ethics of property respect and basic fishing safety. This seasonal program concludes with a camping and fishing trip. Our project directors are currently looking into expanding this program to include trips to fishing museums and hatcheries.

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Officer Guarino shows that everything he learned in boy scouts paid off..... He is truly a campfire man.

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( L to R: Scott Patterson, Officer Ken Miller, Greg Heltzel, Marcus Coonce, Officer Greg Tarr, Justin Wess, Amy Coonce and Steve Brandon)





Officers Miller and Tarr look on as one Hubbard youth shows how he prepares the catch of the day.