Since 1991 the Hubbard Township Police Department has taken an active role in the fight against drugs in our community.  When former Chief C.R. Wells appointed now Chief Todd Coonce to Trumbull County's Drug Task Force, he opened the door for a whole new war against crime in our department's continued quest for a better place to live.  Since that time our police department has remained an active member of the Drug Task Force by keeping officers dedicated to that program.

The Hubbard Township Police Department also intends to become more active with our school system.  In a community such as Hubbard, where there is a City and a Township police department, we feel that it is our duty to work together, both the City & Township Police Departments to enforce a "ZERO TOLERANCE" of drugs in the Hubbard Schools.



"Just say NO!"

Narcotics information for parent and child awareness  

    Check out our  page that is dedicated to narcotics awareness for parents and children alike.  The Hubbard Township Police Department is committed to providing education through programs such as D.A.R.E. and this website to ensure the safety of all citizens in Hubbard Township.


The abuse of prescription pain medications and heroin both classified as opiates is epidemic in Ohio.  Click HERE to check out some important information from The Ohio Attorney General.



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