Car Jacking

First, some Carjacking facts:

  Safety Tips:

Look around and get a BIG PICTURE of your surroundings.

Don't hesitate to run back to where you came from to get help.

If you do not see anyone around then park your car, and try to avoid parking next to large vehicles such as vans.

BUT, by the time you are ready to exit your car several seconds have passed - there could now be someone in the area - SO, TAKE ONE LAST LOOK AROUND before exiting your car, keeping your car keys handy in case you need to get back in quickly.

By keeping your keys in your hand you can quickly get back into your car if someone suddenly appears and approaches you....GET BACK IN THE CAR - HONK THE HORN - START THE CAR - AND START THE CAR MOVING OUT OF THERE!

If you have car trouble keep your doors locked and windows up. If someone stops to help stay in the car and ask them to call the police or a service station which you have the phone number to and are aware the station stays open 24 hours.