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Someplace Safe, Inc.

1540 Tod Avenue N.W.

Warren, OH 44485

(330) 393-3003


HOTLINE: 393-1565

Domestic Violence… a crime that hurts everyone.


Available Services:

Accompaniment and Advocacy through Legal Proceedings

Community Education Programs

Student Awareness Programs

Information and Referral Services

24-Hour Hotline 7 Days a week

Crisis Intervention

Supportive Counseling

Temporary Shelter for Battered Women and their Dependent Children


Here is a safety plan for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence. Have the following items hidden in one central place:


About $50 in cash

Extra keys for house and car

A small bag of clothes for you and your children


These important papers:

Bank Accounts

Insurance Policies

His date of birth

Social Security Numbers (his, yours and your children's)

Birth Certificates

List of telephone numbers

                                                                            Sentimental valuables