Exercise Safely...



Jogging Can Be Fun, Healthful, & Safe When You Take Precautions.

Everyone that jogs whether it is once a week or everyday needs to be aware of certain crime prevention tips geared exclusively for him or her. These safety tips can apply to anyone that is on the street walking, jogging or running.

With the number of joggers in the United States, it is not surprising when we read in newspapers that a man was attacked or that a woman was raped as she jogged by herself in a fashionable neighborhood.

One thing we need to remember is that no one is immune to crime. Crime does not always happen to the other guy. It could happen to you. By being aware, the jogger can reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of an attack.

Unfortunately this is not true. They must always be aware of their surroundings and take appropriate action to protect themselves.

One of the most serious problems for joggers is not paying attention. They become so preoccupied with the physical act of jogging that they loose touch with the moment. They are so busy concentrating on how much further they have to go and on putting one foot in front of the other, that they don't pay attention to what is happening right here right now!

When they allow themselves to become preoccupied, they have jeopardized their security. When they are not paying attention it gives the would be attacker the opportunity to surprise them. Being alert and being aware is vital at all times.

Safety Tips For Jogging:

1. Jog with a known companion.

2. Jog in a familiar area.

3. Do not jog in a secluded area.

4. Do not jog after dark.

5. Jog facing traffic.

6. If followed go to the nearest house and call the Police.

7. Wear bright colored clothing to improve your visibility.

8. Carry a whistle or shrill alarm to summon help, if needed.

9. Vary your route and pattern of running.

10. Always be aware of your surroundings. Keep Alert!!!

11. Jog away from bushes where someone could hide.

12. Take a key with you when you jog. Don't leave your house unlocked. Someone might be watching you and your house to see when it will be empty or unlocked.





1 - DON'T WEAR HEADSETS. Use your ears to be aware of your surroundings. Using headphones, you lose the use of an important sense: your hearing.

2 - Always stay alert and aware of what's going on around you. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are.

3 - Carry a cell phone or change for a phone call. Know the locations of call boxes and telephones along your regular route.

4 - Trust your intuition about a person or an area. React on your intuition and avoid a person or situation if you're unsure. If something tells you a situation is not "right", it isn't.

5 - Alter or vary your running route pattern; run in familiar areas if possible. In unfamiliar areas, such as while traveling, contact a local RRCA club or running store. Know where open businesses or stores are located.

6 - Run with a partner. Run with a dog.

7 - Write down or leave word of the direction of your run. Tell friends and family of your favorite running routes.

8 - Avoid unpopulated areas, deserted streets, and overgrown trails. Especially avoid unlit areas, especially at night. Run clear of parked cars or bushes.

9 - Carry identification or write your name, phone number, and blood type on the inside sole of your running shoe. Include any medical information. Don't wear jewelry.

10 - Ignore verbal harassment. Use discretion in acknowledging strangers. Look directly at others and be observant, but keep your distance and keep moving.

11 - Run against traffic so you can observe approaching automobiles.

12 - Wear reflective material if you must run before dawn or after dark.

13 - Practice memorizing license tags or identifying characteristics of strangers.

14 - Carry a noisemaker and/or OC (pepper) spray. Get training in self-defense and the use of pepper spray.

15 - CALL POLICE IMMEDIATELY if something happens to you or someone else, or you notice anyone out of the ordinary. It is important to report incidents immediately.