Child Safety At Home...


Help keep your kids safe when they're home alone


Many parents must choose between leaving their children home alone during the day while they are at work or busy with other commitments, or finding alternative care. Parents often worry when their children are home alone, but there are precautions they can take to ease their worries and help protect their children when they're not around.

What parents can do:


Are they ready?


All children mature differently, so there is no precise age when they are ready to stay home alone. This makes the decision to leave children alone even harder for parents. Many states have laws concerning the legal age when children can be left unsupervised, but there is no guarantee that when children reach this age they will be ready. However, there are questions parents can ask themselves to help determine if their children are ready.

Can your children. . .

If you feel comfortable leaving your children home alone and feel that they are ready, discuss it with them and start practicing what they should and shouldn't do. Role play different scenarios to prepare them for anything that might happen when they are home alone.