Marijuana Awareness...


(weed, pot, grass etc.)



FACT: Marijuana is not harmless!  It can have a negative effect on your mind, body and personality. Marijuana contains hundreds of chemicals (THC is the main ingredient) that may cause the user to experience illness, quietness, withdrawal, confusion, anxiety, fright amongst other things.

Use of this drug interferes with the ability to think and speak clearly.  This may lead to very dangerous behavior.  

Marijuana slows physical and cognitive reactions which interferes with coordination, short term memory, ability to follow moving objects,  and the ability to learn and make decisions.  Driving and other activities is very, very dangerous.  Even if the "high" has past, your body still cannot process events at it's usual speed!!  This is where misjudgment leads to dangerous behavior.

Marijuana purchased on the streets can contain other ingredients and contaminants such as PCP, herbicides, fungus, carbon monoxide and bacteria.  Marijuana can cause breathing difficulties, lung disease and cancer like other cigarettes. This drug also weakens the immune system and can cause temporary increase in heart rate (especially dangerous to heart patients).  It also been linked to retardation of the human reproductive system.

People who use marijuana also can experience psychological side effects.  Depression and personality disorders can often be magnified through use of marijuana.  As noted before, users may lose energy and interest in daily activities.  Long term use may lead to permanent mental confusion which cannot be corrected.