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In 1999 the Kops & Kids program teamed up with a new member to our community - The Hubbard Boys Basketball 6th Man Association.  This organization, created by Head Coach Bernie Tarr, gives members of the boys basketball team and cheerleaders an opportunity to interact with handicap students in the Hubbard Schools through various activities.  We were pleased to be included on one such activity.  On October 15, 1999 we accompanied the 6th Man Association to Kochemba's Diary Farm in northern Trumbull County where we learned about the day to day life on a real working dairy farm and were able to interact with some of the animals on the farm.

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6th Man members get the opportunity to deliver food to some of the cows out in the pasture and having fun while doing so.

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6thman3.jpg (12696 bytes) Coach Tarr and some 6th Man members take time out to play a little one on one with a calf while on their visit.

The gang takes a time out from their busy day to roast marshmallows by the fire.

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6thman1.jpg (13250 bytes) 6th Man members learn how it is very important to take special care of the young ones who live on the farm.